Browse the web without using the mouse [ Firefox Extension ]

Doing everything with Keyboard and avoiding mouse is something preferred by many of us, though I somehow don’t fall in this category, but I came across this cool FireFox add-on which allows you to browse without even touching your mouse

So, let us understand how this works, it simply adds a numeric link to every click able area (live link), on the webpage, now, if default settings are on for ‘Mouseless Browsing’, you simply need to ‘CTRL+(ID)’ to go to that link.

Browse without mouse with id attached to link
Browse without mouse with id attached to link


Simply, install the add-on as you do for any FireFox add-on, customize it as per your style, from the ‘Mouseless Browsing’ under the ‘Tools’ tab, this wizard also allows you to impose several other rules like having  predefined IDs for some specific URLs, or not showing IDs for the chosen URL etc.

So give it a try, I am quite sure that you will love it, if you don’t like using the mouse, looks like Mouse less Browsing is trying to create a Mouse free world…lol

Try Mouseless Browsing


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