Browser Based Operating System

Whats the most commonly used application when it comes down to Internet? Its simple – Browsers. Anything you want to do You need it if its about internet.!! Its a catalytic converter which converts anything so that you can “see it ” and interact with it, independent of the technology that’s running on the background.

That’s why every application today is accessible through browsers, be it online office suite, emails, watching videos or playing games. So have ever though if you can just logon somewhere and it gives you a complete operating system!!!

Yeah you got it right I am talking about a web browser which will give an environment where you can have things (well most of the things) that you do on the computer. Welcome to Browser Based Operating System !!

What is Browser Based Operating System?

In simple words, Its like an application which runs on the browser like any normal page and has applications running behind which can simulate the whole computer environment.

To be little technical, its a program that runs to simulate desktop and has buttons which simulate things like my computer, can have recycle bin, feeds, flicker support and others.

My Views on this evolving technology

Now If you understand what this topic is about lets take a lateral view and discuss.At the end I will be giving snapshots and links so you can have fun with them.

Lets start with the IT. Do they require it, Its a definite yes.Why lets list out the benefits:

  • Too many computers to manage in a business.They need regular updating and individual attention.
  • Lack of central Security.You need to secure each and every computer, miss one and you lose data which can cost you in the future.
  • If you have one OS running over and everybody can login remotely, with its own personal preferences.
  • IT managers can decide what users can use and what not.
  • Centrally secured and cost of software can be controlled.

Next is Software, Now think you are a super genius, and you made software. You want people to use it without having them to worry of space and installation. So here we go.

  • Make your own Browser Based OS or buy it. Install the software on that OS.
  • Ask people to use it online and pay as per you set the rules.
  • Even you can develop software here and be free from the virus bugs and other things.

Media can be at considerable benefit. Start A TV channel and do this:

  • Make it run on a borrower’s based OS.
  • Maintain a proper bandwidth so people don’t get delayed transmission.
  • Ask them to pay for you instead of setup boxes.
  • Give them some more features so they stick to yours.

These are few ideas, which you can think of. The future can be surprising if implemented properly. But then there are controversies.

We already have those things implemented with remote desktop, or YouTube. I will like it more to see on my TV and others but still we forget one thing, It’s a the Browser power you have with you, I don’t think you can run a flash on TV, or you can click ads on TV.

Look at the images below and have a feel of it.

You OS
You OS

Office Of You OS
Office Of You OS

The idea is nascent but a powerful one.I think it has a future what do you think? Would you like to use it ? If yes why and if not why not? Tell me in the comment box and lets have a debate on it…

Explorer Like OS
Explorer Like OS

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