Bug Heroes : iPad Game Review ( Video )

Bug Hero is an iPad Game which combines three major ingredients of any action game : Shooting, Defending and Surviving with infinite amount of weapons to fight with .  This game is absolutely free if you are money conscious  and you only pay if you buy new fighters which is absolutely not compulsory. Lets get to know the game.

Game Play :

In this game, Bugs are heroes and you have all sorts of bugs, Ant, Spider, Betel etc who use their natural ability to defense what is called as Food Stash i.e. the place where they collect their food. Your enemies are Bugs like snails, fleas, Cockroaches  etc and who are either after your hero or the food stored.

Your Food Stash is like your castle where you can have defense units like Machine Guns, Snipers, Bombers which protect you killing the enemies and defend when you are out collecting food or completing a task.

Tasks are simple work for which you gain points and money. The money is used to buy defense or special powers for your hero which can be in form of upgrades or special powers.

Food Stash and Hero

Video Review : ( Direct Link )

Update : Here is the video of new hero, Praying Mantis which was included recently in the Game.

Gaming Experience :

I would give this game 9 out of 10. The controls are absolutely smooth both for movement and firing. The game has a nice background music and sound effects from bugs and the best part I loved was cinematic effect when it comes to one to one battle. Try using a Spider and you will love how it jumps and kills an enemy bug KungFu Style.

Bug Heroes Spider Fighting

My Tips to Play This Game :

  • Keep upgrading your turrets weapons.
  • Use Combination of Heroes. You do get a tutorial when you play for the first time so make sure you understand what each hero does.
  • In between a game, when a new enemy joins in, the hero talk to each other with some of their past experience. Read those as they will help you in using the right hero to fight it.
  • Keep increase your food capacity of your food stash. This will help in scenarios when lot of bugs get in and if you loose all your food, you will loose the game.
  • Don’t overeat your food. Again if you eat more and leave less food in stash, you will loose early.
  • Choosing Right upgrades is necessary so try all combination before you realize which bug gets the best upgrade.
  • You can use an upgrade of one bug and switch to another bug and use the second power again. This will help you double or even triple your defenses.

Upgrades for Bug Heroes

Food Trash upgrades for Heroes Bugs

Additional Feature :

There is a Insectopedia included in the game which you can study to know your enemy behavior and formulate your strategy plus teach your kids about different bugs. The graphics are so amazing even your kid will love to see them in action.

Downloads :

iTunes and if you grab it now they are giving out a hero free. Do read details on their Facebook page.

Similar Games :

This game gets into the same level like Gun Bros and Robo Kill. Read our review and try them.


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