Bulk Upload comes to Dropbox for iOS

If you have always hated uploading images to Dropbox for iOS ( iPhone / iPad ) because of file by file upload, Good news for all of us, Now you can upload multiple files using the bulk upload feature and now it comes with a dedicated tab for uploading files.

Dropbox Bulk Upload

How bulk upload / mass upload works in Dropbox for iOS :

  • Open the Dropbox Application.
  • Select the folder where you want to upload the files.
  • Click on the plus icon on the right of the upload label.
  • This will open access to the Albums folder where you can first select the files, It will be marked with red tick sign
  • Before you hit the upload button make sure you have selected the right folder which is just at the bottom of file selector.  This is not very clear and many users will miss this as previous uploads were made into the selected the folder.

Change location in dropbox upload for ios

All the uploads will be queues and you will see the recent upload for any past upload made, This is useful to avoid duplication uploads as the files are not uploaded with the same name but in time-stamp format which is in control of the Dropbox App.

Copy Email Attachments to Dropbox

Apart from the bulk upload,  Now you can save files in Email Attachments directly to any Dropbox Folder. Just press the attachment unless you see Open in Dropbox as an option. Then you can browse and upload to any folder and it can detect if same file exists i.e. any attachment uploaded retains the name unlike image uploads.

Open in Dropbox in iOs



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