Busy Now ? Read it later with Instapaper

We often come across posts or articles, when we feel like reading them, but due to, our busy schedule or some other work with higher priority is already there in front of you, we think of reading them later, Bookmark them, is the solution. However if you cannot take these bookmark along with you everywhere you go, to get rid of this restriction, Try Instapaper.

Register with any name you feel like or your make your e-mail address as your username.

The new page which appears in front of you, has a , just drag it to your Bookmarks tab in the browser.

Now next time when you come across a page which you want to see/read later, simply click on the ‘Read later’ in your Bookmarks tab, it will be saved in your account on Instapaper.

Whenever you have time and you want to go through the page you saved, go to instapaper.com, login with your username, and password (if you want you can password protect your account), there you will see the page you saved, as shown below.

If you are done with the pages, and nothing left to read, you can try ‘Give me something to read’. Try it, hope you like it, do share your experience with us.


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