Cache My Work : Rebooting Windows with Hibernating

Windows Hibernating is a great feature which lets you keep the state of windows same when you turn your machine on later i.e. Keep all windows, applications like you left it. However you lose everything when you reboot and also all your current applications state and windows.

Cache My Work is a windows application which lets Reboot marry hibernation so that OS gets fresh start and you get all your windows state back to where you left it.

This application creates tasks of applications for which restore is required and is obviously configurable. The only need is that the applications which you want to restore should have feature of restoring sessions i.e. Firefox can restore set of windows for you any time you open. Download Cache My Work Via DownloadSquad


  1. Awesome software!! I always hibernate my windows and hence don’t reboot… This will help me to both reboot and hibernate.. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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