Call Facebook Friends from Skype without adding them

Skype recent update has two new features. The first one is group video calling and second is Facebook integration and both of the updates are huge. Lets take a look at the Facebook Integration in this post.

First thing to notice when you update and login to Skype is the new tabbed home. The Home Tab lists all your contacts with their pictures, Profile tab to edit all your detailed information and the Facebook Tab which lets you connect your Facebook account with Skype. Once you are done with the integration you will see all the Facebook updates and for every person you will have option to :

  • Add him or her to Skype i.e.This will appear only when the person has also connected his Skype with Facebook Account.
  • Option to Send SMS
  • And Make a call to his phone number or directly to his Skype Contact if it is already on your Skype Contact List.

You will be able to see the phone numbers of your friends on Skype from Facebook only if they have shared it else you will see none of these options.

Now if you still want to add them to your Skype, switch to the Phonebook tab. This will list all your Facebook contact with or without numbers. For Friends you dont have access to number, you can make a request by clicking on “Ask for Contact Number” link. This will send out a request and when confirmed you should be seeing him on your list.

Try it out you will love it.


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