How to Use Camera Troubleshooter in the Get Help App on Windows

The camera is one of the most critical components in Windows. Whether it is a meeting or staying connected with your loved ones through video calls, you can add a personal touch and compensate for the lack of your physical presence with the integrated camera in your calls. It can be troublesome if the device fails during crucial meetings and video calls. In this article, we will learn how to use Camera Troubleshooter in the Get Help app on Windows.

Use Camera Troubleshooter in the Get Help App on Windows

What Is The Camera Troubleshooter? What Issues Can It Solve?

A troubleshooter is a pre-installed utility in the Windows operating system designed to diagnose, solve and suggest fixes to issues related to specific components and the operating system as a whole. The camera troubleshooter helps you fix many issues related to the integrated or external cam attached to your Windows PC. It works by scanning for outdated drivers, irregularities in the settings, and resetting services, along with some other fixes. Here are the issues that the Camera Troubleshooter can solve:

  • Missing or outdated drivers for your camera or graphics card
  • Antivirus or firewall settings that can block the camera or video apps
  • Privacy settings that can prevent some apps from accessing the camera or microphone
  • App compatibility or configuration issues
  • Physical switch or button that turns the camera on or off

Now that you have a better idea of what is the Camera troubleshooter and how it work, let’s proceed with learning how to use the Camera troubleshooter in the Get Help app for Windows.

How to use Camera Troubleshooter in the Get Help app on Windows

Microsoft has always been keen on improving the user experience. The Get Help app is the latest addition to this effort. Most traditional troubleshooters, support, and self-help options are being moved to the Get Help app. Here’s how to use the Camera Troubleshooter in the Get Help app:

  • Open the Get Help app by searching for it in the Windows Start or search.
  • On the homepage of the app, search Troubleshoot Camera issues.
  • Now, you will be asked for consent to run automatic diagnostics and attempt fixes, click Yes.

Camera Troubleshooter GetHelp App

  • After this, the app will run diagnostics and apply some fixes. The issue should automatically resolve after that.
  • If the issue persists, you can refer to the self-help articles related to the issue provided within the app.

Troubleshooting camera issues contact support

  • Additionally, you can reach out to Microsoft support by clicking the Contact Support button in the bottom left corner. You can choose between On chat or call support.


In this article, we learned how to use the Camera Troubleshooter in the Get Help app for Windows. The Get Help app now serves as the one-stop solution to all the fixes, troubleshooters, and solutions. You can use the app to find solutions to all the issues related to Windows and its components. We hope you found the article to be insightful. Please make sure that you share it with everyone.

How Do I Check My PC Camera Is Working?

To check if your PC camera is working, you can use the built-in camera application on Windows. Click the Start button, type “camera,” then click the Camera app. If everything is working correctly, you should see video from the camera immediately.

How Do I Reset My Windows Camera?

To reset the Camera app in Windows, you can follow these steps: Click Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & Features. Scroll down to find the Camera app in the app list. Click it. In the new Camera settings window, you can click the Reset button under the Reset section to revert the Camera app to its default settings.


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