How to create Multiple and Parallel Picture in Picture Video using Camtasia

PIP or Picture in Picture is an extremely powerful tool which many video broadcasters use to show related video at the end of the videos they produce. Since PIP play like video just they are small and since they let you target more accurate videos, it gives you more page views than the automated related videos.

Now coming back to topic, Camtasia has PIP support but it is only limited to one video which can be seen at a time i.e. In case you want multiple videos to be playing in parallel, it is not possible to do it with Camtasia. But here is a hack to do it :

Summary :

You create one video with a PIP in it. Using this video add another PIP next to it and then create next video. Once you have required number of PIP,  Use that video as PIP in the final video.

Detailed Instructions :

  • Decide the resolution of the final video.
  • Create an Image file of same resolution and matching background of the final video.
  • Next Create Sample videos of which preview is to be run in the final PIP video. Make sure they all have same length.

Sample Videos to be used in PIP

  • Open Camtasia. Import the image and add it to timeline.
  • Set the duration of the image same length as sample videos you produced.
  • Now Select PIP in Camtasia and Drop the video in that track.Align with the Image Timeline.

Creating PIp Video

  • Next Right click n PIP Preview Window and select Toggle Pip Preview Placement
  • Again Right click on the video and select edit Edit PIP
  • This will open the PIP Edit window in the left section of camtasia. Edit the size and then use your mouse to set it to particular size.

Editing PIP Dimensions

  • Make sure you resize and place it in such a way that you have enough space to accommodate more PIP videos.
  • Now produce the video.

Setting up PIP

Repeat the above steps with this produced videos and this time align next PIP video right next to already created video.

Multiple PIP in output

  • Now You have the Video which has multiple PIP running in it. Add this video along with the video you want to produce. Now since You have audio running in that video it will look just like one video.

So basically what we did here is add PIP and then create video and then again add PIP on top of it. Since this will only go as a preview the quality will not degrade a lot and if you are creating high quality output, results will be much cleaner.

Video Demo :

 Direct Link


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