Cannot find sent mails in Outlook 2007 ?

I was surprised to see that Outlook was not saving my sent mails in the sent folder. That was really annoying as I use IMAP of Gmail with Outlook which synchronizes everything between Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Gmail.  I went to check the settings and found that my Sent Mail settings were saving all the mails in the default send folder of Outlook.

So this is all I did.

  • Press ALt + CTRL +S
  • Then edit the current Group
  • Click on the mail setting you want to change and then Click on Account Properties
  • Now go to the Folders Tab on the tab which pops up.
  • You will see it says “Copies of your sent items for this account will be saved in the default
    Outlook Sent Items folder.”
  • Check on the radio button which says “  Choose an existing folder or create a new folder to save your sent items for this account in” and Select the Sent Mail folder which is actually your Gmail Sent Mail Folder.

Thats it. Now any mail you send from this account will go to its repective folder. Do this with all your accounts and you will never loose any of your sent mail.

Just in case you,like me , already have all the sent mails in Outlook default folder and you want to move it to Gmail Account back, Try this:

  • Set your Outlook to online.
  • Drag and Drop all the mails related with that account from Outlook default Sent Mail folder to Gmail Sent mail folder.
  • Wait till it synchronizes.

Hope this solves the problem in case you are facing it.


  1. problem with verizon online :
    if i send an email one paragraph long and hit send no problem.
    if i type an email three paragraphs long and hit send it dissapears into cyberspace and does not get sent and doesn’t show up in the sent file either. WTH !


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