Carry WordPress in your Pocket : USB Webserver

Many WordPress users / developers install the blogging script in their local computer to test out various plugins or new versions to see if it breaks or not or even create sample site to show it to the clients how the site will look when it goes live. Though there are several ways to install it on your home machine but what if you can install it on your USB device or send a setup to the client after burning on a  CD  without need of any more software? Yup you read it right and that is possible with USBWebserver.

USBWebserver is a combination of the popular web server software: Apache, MySQL, Php and PhpMyAdmin and with advantage of use it from USB of even CD and since it supports PHP you can get your WordPress Installation right on!!

Once you download the USBWebserver, unpack it and there are some set of files. Now there is no installation required but all you need is to execute usbwebserver.exe which will launch the Apache service and PHP My Admin for MySQL services.  Wait dont execute it here.

USBWebserver Setup Files

Copy USBWebserver FIles to USB

Copy all these files to USB device and then run the usbwebserver.exe. Now follow the instructions to install wordpress files which is well explained here. The url which you need to follow is http://localhost:8080/ for accessing WordPress Installation and http://localhost:3307/  for database. I installed WordPress inside another directory. Also the password for PHP My Admin is at the login screen itself. You can lunch it from the  usbwebserver.exe screen.

USB Webserver Service Screen

Here are screen for WordPress Installations :

WordPress Installation

Make sure to select proper port when configuring database connection.

WordPress Database Configuration

WordPress on USB

WordPress Post Installation



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