Carry your Laptop in USB drive with MojoPac Freedom ( Free )

Ever wondered if you can carry all your software and settings in USB and use it anywhere, on any other computer without re-installing the softwares again ? Well its possible. Months back I introduced MOJOPAC solution which allows you to carry all your installed softwares and settings into a USB but that was a 30 day trial offer.

In the recent newsletter they have introduced a free version of their software called as Mojopac Freedom which allows you to do the same things which was in a 30 day trial offer. Though it supports only basic features but they are good enough for normal users who don’t want to or are unable to install the softwares on multiple computers or laptops due to licenses issue.The priced package supports some great features like Image Creation, Deployment and Management ,User Lifecycle and License management,Security and Lockdown Policies which is not available in free pack.

Want to use Acrobat on any system you use ? But you cant right? License problem!! You want your set of software anywhere you go and you don’t want to install on the others system because he doesn’t like his system settings to get changed.

Well here is your answer Carry Your All folders, software and settings (virtually your complete laptop) on to a USB Drive .Just in simple word, just plugin your USB drive to the other computer and start using your own PC without touching even a single file of others!!!! Surprised ? Well even I was but it works 100%



  • Use portable hard disk drive (including an iPod). Hard drives have better read/write speeds than flash drives.
  • Install applications to MojoPac just as you would to your PC.
  • Run on any Windows XP computer (with Administrator mode login)
  • Download Mojopac Freedom
  • Click to read the complete review about Mojopac


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