Carry your Laptop in USB drive with MojoPac

Mojopac is a small tool which can be installed on your usb drive, and it gives you virtually your own Windows Xp / Vista / 7 environment. This way you can use your applications, install new software on the USB Drive, and use it by attaching to any system.

Want to use Acrobat on any system you use, But you can not because of License problem. You want your set of software anywhere you go, and you don’t want to install on the others system because he doesn’t like his system settings to get changed.

Well here is your answer Carry Your All folders, software and settings (virtually your complete laptop) on to a USB Drive. In simple words, just plugin your usb drive to the other computer and start using your own PC without touching even a single file of others! Surprised ? Well even I was, but it works 100% and its called as MojoPac

How does it work ?

It copies few basic files of windows along with its own files on to the targeted usb drive. As Mojopac emulates the Windows environment so any software you install, it feels like its installing on a windows machine.

I tested it on a 1 gb usb 2.0 flash drive and usb driven hard drive both. The OS I am using is Windows XP. I will be providing with the system requirement at the end.

Installation step :

  • Download Mojopac software, (link will be given at the end)
  • As it doesn’t overwrite the files, you can use the usb flash drive easily. Connect it.
  • The downloaded version is a 30 days trial pack. You have to register on the site, so you can have it activated, else it will not work, and registering is one step process. Go ahead.
  • Copy your settings, Software like Firefox etc and my folder to mojo environment. After this, you will be prompted to create a user name and password that you can use it to login to mojopac environment.
  • Run It and Login


It has its own program menu, my computer, and if you get any prompt, like a message on windows there is a switch button to get you back to windows.

What’s the Advantage ?

You can carry your favorite software that work on windows xp in mojopac and use it on the system even if its not installed on the host machine. It does not create problems with the license issue as you have installed once on Mojopac. It’s really good in case the person doesn’t have a laptop even but can create its settings and use it even everywhere.

Can I play games ?

Sure you can, according to specifications and the test, You can play games too. Make sure to check their site for more details.


Update : Mojopac has been discontinued. Read more about it here

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  1. So far I’m a bit disappointed with the their web page. It does tell you what it does, just not how to do it. And your explanations above on this page that I’m reading this from, does not have working HTML jumps to pages that explain anything. If I can get it to work, it may be just fine, otherwise a waste of my time.

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