CES 2012 : Gadgets worth taking a look [ Updated As We See ]

Battery-Powered Xerox Portable Scanner  

This is some awesome stuff which can make everyday life for people who just dont want to turn on their computer to send a document because this Portable Scanner from Xerox is Internet enabled to Send Documents without a Computer, something which I see  in HP printers but then this one runs on battery beat that!! This is priced at $249.99 with size of the 2 x 2.75 x 11.5-inch . More Details

Xerox Mobile Scanner

ZOMM Connect : lets you call for help when you can’t use your phone

This is a brilliant concept. In case of emergency when it becomes impossible to use a phone because nobody will allow you to do so, ZOMM connect lets you send signal over connected phones by using a device which looks as good as ordinary key ring which has capability to sending your current location.

Zomm Connect

Imagine this getting used around hospitals where a patient can ring over to a couple of nurses and anybody around can attend. Read more

Samsung inTouch camera :

Looks like a Miniaturized Kinect on the first look, this camera connects to TV over HDMI and WIFI network and then using apps you can watch YouTube Videos, Weather Reports, Skype with Family. However this only supports 720 P Resolution ( I know 1080 P lovers will be like oooooo ) but its good enough as it can capture 3MP still images. It comes along with a Full Fledged Keyboard which helps you in surfing the web, facebook and so on. This is supposed to be released by March 2012 at a price tag of 199$ which is pretty decent. Check out the video

720P Flying Cameras : More Details

Not new idea but having a camera attached which can do 720P recording over wifi to your iPhone or Android device is something awesome.  Developed by Parrot.Com this device can act as ppint and shoot camera, thanks you can touch your mobile for actions and can also share the video with other users. Looks like it might have great mililatry usage if the size can dropped off and also in case of rescue missions.

Air Drone

3D TV without Glasses | Hands on By Engadget 

Toshiba’s 55-inch 4K glasses-free 3DTV will be probably of the first TV to go Glasses Free and uses autostereoscopic 3D technology. This TV has a camera which tracks your face which helps you set yourself right direction to view it. This seems like Ghost protocol scene which was rendering based on the Facebook while Tom Cruise was trying to get into safe.

Solar Powered Kindle :  More Details

One device you can read under SUN now has solar charger which makes the combination deadly specially when you are on the beach taking tan. Solar Focus acts like a cover and extra battery giving you a 50 hours of reading without using Kindels Main battery. Of course if you are using Kindles battery, you can charge it with this.Kindle Battery Charger


I am Watch : 

One of its kind combining similar interface like iOS and Tiles like Windows Phone and supports multitasking in a watch. What else you need. You will be able to check emails, listen to music,  contacts and so on. Sounds like a brilliant concept and like watches come in different shapes and quality.

I am Watch

 iShower :   More Details

A player that you can have in your shower and your phone outside but still can control the music you want to listen while taking a hot bath.  This product is from iDevices INC which connects to you iphone or ipad over bluetooth  and is resistant to condensation and damp but not waterproof so dont take it down the water. It connects with Five Different bluetooth devices with AA batteries it can run for 15 hours and will cost you 99 $ More




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