Chalkboard: Draw/Write using your mouse and save as an image file

Everybody has used those Black or Green colored Chalkboards at some point of time in his/her life. The application we are going to talk about is the Chalkboard, the digital avatar of the traditional chalkboard.

Chalkboard is an Adobe AIR application, which allows you to write or draw using your mouse, the look and feel is exactly like the Chalkboard which you have seen in classrooms, seminar halls etc.

chalkboard draw or write using the mouse

At the bottom of the Chalkboard you get the options, which allow you to change the chalk colors, change the width of lines drawn by chalk, change the shades, eraser, clear chalkboard, and save the work.

chalkboard options

Chalkboard could be a nice toy for your kids, and also if you are fine with writing using mouse, it can eb used for lectures and seminars etc.

Go ahead and try it, do share your views about it with us.

Install Chalkboard



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