How to Change the Email Address or Phone Number of Your Microsoft Account

Are you wondering about changing your email address and mobile number in your Microsoft account? In this guide, I will let you know how to change it.

Microsoft Accounts let you manage all of your Microsoft products and services, such as Xbox Live and, OneDrive, Skype, Windows 11/10, and more. With Microsoft accounts, you can add up to ten email addresses or phone numbers. Microsoft accounts have aliases that don’t use duplicate contacts, online storage, subscriptions, or account settings, but they integrate the same email addresses and phone numbers via your Microsoft account.

Each alias lets you sign in to all your Windows 11/10 devices and services that use the Microsoft account. Each of your aliases has its password, and you can send and receive an email with it. The primary alias you choose will be the username you use to sign in to your account, the username you see on your Windows 11/10 devices, and the name recipients see when you send an email.

How to Change the Email Address or Phone Number of your Microsoft Account

Why Change Microsoft Account Email Address or Phone Number?

You can change the email addresses or phone numbers (aliases) associated with your Microsoft account. The following are some reasons you may wish to make changes:

  • The email address or phone number you want to add or remove is not listed.
  • Logging in with a different email address or phone number is what you want.
  • On every device running Windows 11/10, you want a different username.
  • Ideally, you want an email address you can use to share with other companies or people but not to sign in to your account or access your personal information.
  • During sign-in, you received the “Which account do you want to use” message.

Guide: Change the Email Address of your Microsoft Account

It’s possible to have a new email address or phone number aliased to your existing Microsoft account if your old email address or phone number no longer works for you. Still, you want to retain your contacts, online storage, subscriptions, and other settings. An alias is an alternative email or phone number that is attached to the same account.

Suppose you wish to change the primary Microsoft Account email address associated with your Windows device. In that case, you can either choose an Alias or create one and then reassign it to be your primary email address.

  • Visit the Microsoft Account Page in your browser and Sign in.get your info tab in Microsoft account
  • Navigate to the Manage your account option > then select Your Info tab > Click Edit account info under the Account Info section.edit account info in Microsoft account
  • Here, you can change the primary Microsoft Account email.
  • Select your desired email ID > Click Make primary.

You can change your primary email address on your Microsoft Account to another one already listed on this page.

  • Now, select Make primary from the options next to any existing alias to switch to a new primary email address.
  • Alternatively, if you want to change an existing alias, press the Add email link to add an email address and make it the primary email.

Upon removing an alias account, you will receive a warning message stating the impact. You should read the statement then and then press Remove if you want to proceed.

Your primary Microsoft account on Windows 11/10 will be updated once you make the change.

How to Change your Microsoft Account Phone Number

Microsoft uses your alternate email address and phone number when you try to change or reset your forgotten account password. If Microsoft discovers suspicious activity regarding your account, it will notify you via this address and number.

The good idea is to keep your address and number up to date. The primary purpose of keeping alternate email addresses and phone numbers with your Microsoft Account up to date is to prevent spam.

To ensure that the information on your Microsoft account is up-to-date, make sure you also update the phone number or alternate email address linked to your Microsoft account when you change your phone number or alternate email address. You can change or remove your Microsoft account phone number by following these instructions.

  • Open the web browser and navigate to the Microsoft page.
  • Usually, you will need to log into your Microsoft account for this.
  • Navigate to the Manage your account option > then select Your Info tab > Click Edit account info under the Account Info section.
  • Here you can add a new phone number or remove the previous one.
  • To remove an existing phone number, click on the Remove button next to it.
  • If you want to add a new one, click on the Add phone number option.

Your phone will receive a verification code if you have chosen the text method. Then, in the field, enter the code you received on the phone and click Next. You would receive a call from Microsoft to verify the contact number if you opted to receive a call. That’s it! You have successfully updated or added your phone number to your Microsoft account.

On the same page, click the Change alert options link and type your phone number in the box next to the box if you would like to receive notifications (when Microsoft detects unusual activity on your account).

What do you mean by Primary Email and Aliases?

Primary email is the email address you use to log into your account. Other services use this address to notify you about something important or to contact you.

An alias is a name added to an account: an email address, phone number, or Skype name. Aliases use the same inbox, contact list, and account settings as the primary alias.

How to Remove an Email Account from a PC?

It is also possible to remove an account from your device. Essentially, this doesn’t delete your account, but it does remove email and other content related to your account from your device.

To remove an email account, you need to follow these steps given below:

  • Go to the Start button > Select Settings > Accounts > Email & accounts.
  • Open Email & accounts settings
  • Under Accounts used by email, calendar, and contacts, select the account you want to remove and choose Manage.
  • Now, select Delete account from this device > Click on Delete to confirm.

How to Remove or Delete an Email Account From Outlook.

An email account that is removed from Outlook does not become inactive. To deactivate your account, you must contact the provider of your email account. Outlook will stop allowing you to send and receive emails for an account once you delete it. Follow these steps to remove or delete your email account from Outlook:

  • You need to select File from the left-hand side of the main Outlook window.
  • Select Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Now, select the account you would like to delete and click Remove.
  • The message will notify you that all offline cached content associated with this account will be deleted. You only need to do this for content you download and store on your computer.
  • Select Yes to confirm.

See if your account is deleted by following these steps.

I hope this post will help you know how to change your Microsoft account’s email address or phone number.

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