Facebook allows to change Facebook Page URL but not the Name

When you created a Facebook Page, You must have chosen a Unique URL for it, giving it more sense than what Facebook System randomly choose for you. In fact this URL looks more like username of any Facebook user

System Gives your page a facebook URL as facebook.com/pages/Technospot-Network/115515514684

You Changed it to facebook.com/technospotnetwork

At the time when you must be doing this, Facebook must have warned you that the name once chosen cannot be changed. The same was for Page Name which cannot be changed if the fan count is more than 200.

So if you have accidentally misspelled the name in the URL, Facebook is giving you one more chance to change. If you are a Page Admin, you can do it directly by going to edit page but if you are a fan and want to suggest, get in touch with the Facebook Page.

Steps to change it :

  • Go to Edit Page > Basic Information
  • Right under the label which says Username, you should see an option which says “Change Username”
  • Click on that and proceed to next page where you can change this to something else and also check if the new name is available.

Facebook Change URL

Just make sure to update the URL wherever you had used it, so users when click on your links, reaches you.

Where Does it Matter ?

Now this is definitely a great news for who wants to change the URL because it will help fans to directly find you by typing on the address bar and reach your page. So when you want to keep username same as your site name, it makes a lot of sense.

Why Facebook need to allow to change Name once ?

The sad part is that there is no way to change the Page name as of now and this is really a pain for many users who want to keep the Page name exactly as their Company Name or Blog Name but chose a long name.

If you tag Facebook Pages in your updates, you know it only pops in the page you like when you type in exactly the same name as that of Facebook Page and not what is in the URL.

For example, Our Windows Phone Xbox Blog has Name  as “Windows Phone and XBox App Reviews, Videos and How To” which damn too long and impossible for any user to type in because our Blog name as WPXBOX. By the time I realized that I should change name, our Facebook Fan count had already crossed 10K.

Facebook Page tagging

So I can really hope that one day, Facebook will allow me to change the name also.

Thanks Ravi for the Tip!!

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