Change Link Title & Description when Sharing on Facebook

When you share a link on Facebook,  details like Thumbnails, Title and Description is automatically fetched by Facebook itself which makes it sharing very easy. But many users would like to change title to pass a different message or even a better message like we do on Twitter. This way you not only make better impact but people know you have read what you are sharing.

Facebook Link Sharing tool allows you to change both title and description for this purpose. To change a title or description,

  • Mouse hover it untill you see it marked yellow.
  • Click and it will change to text box where you can type in your custom message.
  • When you done editing, click on share and it will get posted with your message.

How to change link sharing details on Facebool

Add details to link sharing on facebook


  1. This is great an all, but this only works when you share an individual link by copy & paste. What about if you click the Facebook Share/Send button like on my website,
    Click the Facebook Send button on the toolbar on my page, you’ll see that the description box is unedittable and a bunch of artists names show up making the my website look like garbage. How can I change that?


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