Change Metro Color Scheme in Windows 8

Windows 8 As of now has no direct way which allows you to choose different colour settings for its Metro UI i.e. For example if you want to have different colour scheme for Charm Sidebar and something different for Logon Screen. I think probably the feature is locked as of now in the developer preview and Window 8 has similar Theme style as Windows 7

Metro UI Color Changer

Door 2 Windows has releases a small utility which can help you change this color scheme for Windows 8 which is easier than the application which we used to change the Metro UI Background .

This application can change color for :

  • Start Screen and Logon Screen
  • Start Screen Tiles
  • Start Screen Tiles Fonts
  • Charm Sidebar
  • Charm Sidebar Item Hover
  • Network Charm Item Hover
  • Charm Sidebar Item Selected

Metro Ui Changer

When you launch the application it shows the default scheme and if you want to restored to default, it can be done anytime using the same application. Make sure you launch the application with admin privilege or run as administrator.

Video Demo

Watch on You Tube :

Download | Via Nirmal

Metro UI Background Changer :

If you are ready to take a bit of risk and willing to replace some system files,  there are some themes for Windows 8 which can do that for you. Read more on How to change that.

Windows 8 Metro Themes Tile Series BlackWindows 8 Start Tweaker :

This application can change background image and color with what you want. Easier than the trick above. However you will need to log off and then login back to see the changes done.

Windows 8 Start Tweaker


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