Change the flame colour of Bunsen Burner in Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to Robert Bunsen , the guy who gave us Bunsen burner we used in school days. What is very remarkable about the animated doodle this time is that the colour of flam changes based on where your mouse is on the Google Search Page. Fore example

  • Yellow : Top Left right corner
  • Blue : Top Right Corner
  • Red : Somewhere in between

Now if you use a bit of logic, it is actually a kind of colour picker which we see in many paint applications. It uses your mouse cooridnates on page and changes color so you also get Purple, orange and so on. You can also lower the flame by moving it down somewhere but it doesn’t turn off.

Google Doodle on Bunsen

Here is a small video :

Google to and check the doodle out.!!


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