Change your Voice on Skype with Skype Voice Changer

I am sure you must have seen movies where people do change their voice when making a secret call and if you want to do the same thing during a Skype Call, Skype Voice changer is the app you need to use. This app allows you to change by adding real-time effects like Delay, Increase or Decrease Pitch, Changing the Equalizer Settings, Chorus etc.

Whatever you do, don’t change your voice to sound like a girl and fake it to fool other users. That’s not right!!!

How does this app works ?

It basically connects with Skype and intercepts the audio which is then processed and passed through various filters which you have chosen and is sent back to the Skype.

Features :

  • Supports Multiple Effects together
  • You can put a pause anytime.
  • The change is real-time, so you can change your voice while the call is going on.
  • Detailed settings for each effect i.e. You can change frequency, DB, delay etc.
  • If you are not sure how you will sound like you can choose an audio file and do a couple of test on it. This way you get a preview.
  • Best is to record your own voice and test that file or Use the Skype Echo Test to listen.
  • It is possible to change priority for different sound effects.

How to use this app ?

  • Download it from here and unzip.
  • Look for a file named as SkypeFx.exe, Run it in administrator mode.
  • Next check the effects and test it over an audio file like I said above.
  • Once you are sure, Hit the Skype Icon to connect this app with Skype.

Skype Voice Changer

Bug :

For latest version of Skype it gives exception when you either use a sound file or when connect to Skype. The issue is already open in the apps bug tracker so if you want to use it on the latest version, you might have to wait till the issues resolves.

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