Change your Windows Aero Colour as your city weather changes

If you are using Gmail, you must have noticed how the theme changes and brings in the weather. For example I have seen lighting warnings, water drops when it’s about to rain.  Though it’s not accurate and sometimes takes a bit more time to be true but eventually it happens.

Now the best part of these visual sign of weather is that they are seamless and you still notice them. I have surprised my mom sometimes with that. So now how about changing your Windows 7 Aero Color depending on how the temperature is or how is the weather outside and no themes this time!!.

Aero Weather is a simple application which changes your Windows Aero Colour based on temperature or weather and takes your current location to identify that. I would love this app on Windows Phone 7 or even BlackBerry because by just mere looks I know whats coming. Below is how it looks.

Aero Weather ChangeThe application is very simple, you just need to configure your location, temperature range ( you will have to find max and min of your city ) and Night Mode. The last option only dims down the vibrancy of color.

Aero Weather Application

For conditions if the Aero Colour is grey it’s cloudy, blue if it’s sunny, white if it’s snowing, dark grey if it’s raining and Temperature is from purple to red ( min to max ).

Download Aero Weather


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