Chart Advisor : Suggests you which chart represents your data better

Creating charts is always tough when it comes which type need to be selected to give an exact idea out of the data you have. Micrsoft Office Labs has one project running, Chart Advisor,  which helps you to generate charts depending on your data. Its an auto analysis engine which sits in Microsoft office excel after installed.

Chart Advisor
Chart Advisor

This app works on well defined heuristics which scans your data and find the relevant chart you can use. You can preview it , tweak it and get to the point which says yea this is what I wanted. This makes sense and even if you don’t get the exact it gets you very close and then you can modify as per your requirement.

  • Automatic pivoting to generate more useful charts
  • Hidden rows and columns are ignored in the spreadsheet
  • Totals for columns or rows are ignored in the charts so as not to skew the data plotted
  • Ability to quickly change the data displayed in the chart through the Modify chart pane
  • Ability to filter data
  • Intelligent mapping of data to the axes
  • Scoring of charts to show the best charts first
  • Chart formatting (legend on/off/location, chart style) is rules-based – e.g., no legend if only one value series

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  1. chart advisor is really good feature included in office 2007 by microsotf and creating and editing charts is really easy in office 2007 as compare to previous versions of microsoft office

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