Chat on Lan with IP Messenger for Android

IP Messenger is a chat messenger which works with other IP Messenger clients installed over the same network. As a matter of fact, its one of the most popular chat client in Offices.  It even has a WPF version with better user interface. We covered it years back and never knew that IP messenger has made its way to Android. IP Messenger for Android is almost the same as its Windows Version but works on any mobile or tablet running Android. This means you don’t need to install on your PC to talk with somebody else on your office. So how does this becomes useful in Office ( Provided you are allowed to connect to Office Network)

Chat on Lan with IP Messenger for Android

  • You don’t have to be worried about system admins watching on your PC for installed software that is not recommended.
  • Since its on your phone, chances are less that somebody is going to check your phone for these kinds of stuff.
  • As Android has a dedicated file manager, sending receiving files makes a lot of sense here.
  • It can also communicate with IP messengers installed on Windows Client. So if you want to share a file keeping it secret, your friend did have to come to his desk to accept the download and then view it. He can do it on his Android phone on the move.

Chat on Lan with IP Messenger for Android

Now since IP messenger is open in a network anybody using the same default messenger can be seen. As we know that IP messenger Port number can change, the android version also comes with a setting that can change it. This is much more convenient than Windows Client. To change settings here, hit the menu bar and look for Port Options.

Here you can change it and tell your friends to use the same port. This way couple of friends who just want to talk to each other can stay hidden. Apart from this, it allows changing your name, set network-wide broadcast area and language.

Download IP Messenger for Android here. Thanks, @golchha21 for the tip.



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