Chat on Lan with IP Messenger

IP Messenger is one of the awesome tool which allows you to chat on LAN or network with other people if they are using the same software.

The software slowly detects people who are using the it in the network and adds to them your list with the name set in the software. Its an open source, multi platform messenger based on TCP/UDP.

Updated : IP messenger with new WPF  interace, Read more to download

Features of Ip Messenger :-

  • Multi Platform ( Windows, MacOS X and Unix ).
  • Open source and Free download.
  • Allows File and Folder transfer along the network.
  • Supports Broadcast Messages to a range of IP address.
  • You can lock your message with a password when its sent to other user.
  • You can even set your status.
  • Supports NIC extension in the latest version.
  • Messages can be logged in case you accidentally close the message box.
  • Shows the Ip address, login user, machine name of the other users.
  • Send message from command prompt like this

Command Line support
ipmsg.exe [port] /MSG [/LOG][/SEAL] <hostname or IPaddr> <message>
ex) C:\> ipmsg.exe /MSG /SEAL localhost Hello.

Its an excellent software which we are using in office without any problem. It provides us an easy solution because its fast and we don’t get any complains from our mail servers too. So if you are looking for a chat software which works on LAN, this could be your answer. Its free and if I missed its available in languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese also.

Here are some Images to give you a preview of how it looks like :

Ip Messenger C

IP Messenger personalized Settings

IP Messenger Log Settings

Extra Settings for IP Messenger

Resources for Ip Messenger :

  • Download Link for all platforms and languages. Size 102 KB approx.

Are you using any lan messenger like this ? Whats good about it and what you think this Lan Messenger doesn’t have ? Share your views with us in comments!!!