Check Flash Drive for Read / Write / Logical and Physical Errors

Flash drives are the best device and probably the post popular one used when there is no other way of connectivity and with the about of space available ( even massive 64 GB ) it is giving huge competition to traditional hard drives. Though flash drives are easy to use ( connect and play ) they are pretty much fragile. Drop it once and chances are you lost some part of it if not the whole.

ChkFlash is one such tool which allows you to run a brute test on USB Flash drives to find if there is any read write or logical or Physical errors. This is done through read write and verify test on the drive. You can even run a brute test where it keeps on testing unless an error is found.

Check Flash Drive for Read / Write errors

However to get the best result you should keep the drive empty. The flash drive is automatically detected and supports if NTFS is used as file system. Moreover it is also possible to load and save the image using this tool.  You can keep this tool handy just in case your flash drives gives a problem. Just as a note this tool does not fix your physical drive errors but only checks it.


  1. As you stated this tool is only for checking for errors, do you know of any tool to fix the errors found.

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