Check Uncheck Multiple checkboxes in Chrome and Edge

Filling out forms that contain numerous checkboxes can become a tedious task, particularly when you need to select several or all of them. Even though some websites offer a “select all” option, its absence could lead you to a time-consuming task. In this post, we will explore different methods to assist you in efficiently checking and unchecking multiple checkboxes.

Shift Select Checkbox Gmail

Check Uncheck Multiple checkboxes in Chrome and Edge

Check multiple boxes at once is a handy function, specially when you need to select bulk items.

  1. Shift Select Checkboxes
  2. Click + Drag Selection
  3. Check Them All or Uncheck All

You can use any of these methods and extensions to click all checkboxes.

1] Shift Select Checkboxes

Since some of these below-mentioned extensions might not work, here is the standard way to select multiple checkboxes.

  • Select the first checkbox
  • Press Shift on the keyboard
  • Select the last checkbox in the range.
  • All of them will be selected. If you want to remove some of them, press Ctrl and then click on the checkbox you want to remove.

2] Click + Drag Selection

Check Uncheck Multiple checkboxes

This multicheck checkbox checker extension allow you to check multiple checkboxes quickly by clicking and dragging. You can do it even faster with an ALT+CLICK & DRAG area selection. If the boxes are already checked, then it will be deselected i.e. click all checkboxes or unclick all checkboxes.

Check Smooth Checkboxes Chrome Extension

3] Check Them All or Uncheck All

This extension offers quick action, which allows you to select many checkboxes and then check/uncheck/invert them with one single click.

This feature will only function for checkboxes that are legible and active, in order to maintain the website providers’ UX integrity. Additionally, it will not function with websites that use custom checkbox elements other than the conventional checkbox elements.

Install Toggle Checkboxes for Chrome and Edge to check all boxes.

Check Your Boxes

The ability to check all of them comes in handy when selecting most of them. But if you need to uncheck a few, you can select all and then uncheck those that are not required. It saves a lot of time.

How do you check and uncheck boxes? How often do you face situations like these? Do you prefer an inbuilt option in the form? Let us know in the comments if there is an extension which is even better than what is on the list.


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