Chemistry In Daily Life

How to make invisible ink at home and whats the color of the soap ,yeah you might be thinking I am out of my head asking you these things. :D Just trying to make things light. Read this quick tips and have fun on weekends .

How to make invisible ink at home?

This one is super cool for kids when they can see a message coming out from no where and that from a paper. Here is the recipe.

  • Write your message on a piece of paper with a brush or toothpick using lemon juice.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • To read the message heat the paper for a while (for instance hold it close to a light bulb) until the words become visible.

Warning: Do not hold paper too close to the heat and be careful not to let it get too hot!

Chemical explanation: Lemon juice is a mild acid that weakens the paper upon contact.So when you heat the paper the part with the juice burns before the rest making your message visible.

So what do u you think can u try it ?

Ok so lets see what we got next. I am little sleepy because its almost 4 20 am and I need a coffee!! But hey Do you know Why Coffee keeps u awake any idea ?

Why coffee keeps you awake?

Before we start knowing why it keeps us awake why u think we feel sleepy sometimes even we are not tired u got it the chemistry start from there. So the reason is ADENOSINE.

This is a hormone which is found in our brain and this actually bind with our receptors(nerves end points) and blocks it,as a result our neural activity goes down. So now we are clear with the reason, So now coffee has caffeine which is similar to adenosine and it binds to receptors instead of adenosine.

So when cells don’t find it they speed up instead of slowing down. But why we get excited after drinking a coffee and if u drink more your muscles will get tensed. The reason is our body releases another chemical because of  such high activity of brain , its called Adrenaline , the “fight” hormone.Thus you get more energy in your body and you feel excited and wake up!!

Why we use alloys in daily life instead of pure metal?

Pure metal does not have strength. (Except for Titanium. We can make products using pure Titanium. But we still usually use Titanium alloy.) Pure metal also does not have the specific features which we desire. So we add other metal elements to bring out these features. For example, the body of an airplane, which is made of Al-Cu alloy (duralumin), has a streamlined shape to reduce air resistance.

The metal has to be soft in order to make such a shape (Al is used as a base because it is soft), however, it would change shape if it remains soft. So we add Cu (and a small amount of Mg and Zn). Then the compound CuAl2 is created gradually as time passes, and the material becomes rigid. Thus, the material is soft when we make the shape, but it becomes rigid after that.

What is the original color of the soap?

The soap without coloring is  off white i.e kind of light beige. A few drops of food coloring in the final step to give a better look so people feel happy when using it.Man I cannot imagine a soap without colours ? Do you ?


  1. i hv a jacket that is too gud but there is a painting over it . this painting give the dull luck to my jacket. i hv try acetone alcohal and other thing but cannot success. Pls give the solution to remove the painting over the clothes?


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