Christmas, New Year Themes and Wallpapers for Windows 10/8/7

Windows users love themes to get new images, new background music, and background images. Since its time for Christmas and the new year just a few days to go, here is our handpicked collection of  Christmas and New Year Themes for Windows 10/8/7. Some of the themes will work on Windows 7, while others will work on Windows 10.

1] Christmas Wallpaper and Theme

Decorate the Christmas tree with these beautiful and glittering balls. These three themes, Decking the Halls, Decorated Eggs, Decorating the Trees, gives you a lot of ideas of how you can decorate the tree with beautiful stuff and make a difference. Download by following the link.

Christmas Tree Decorations Theme

Before downloading, you can get a preview of all the wallpapers inside and how it will look on your desktop. Below are the wallpapers related to the above theme.

Blue and White Baubles

If you don’t like the wallpapers of the themes above, you can grab a high resolution of Blue and White Baubles wallpaper. Later, include it in the theme or just use this as your preferred wallpaper.

Decorated Tree :

What happens when somebody decorates a Christmas tree, and outside there is nothing except a house and snow. It is beautiful. Check out the awesome decorated tree wallpaper.

Blue White Baubles

Then you have the golden balls collection and those who hang on a snow-laden real Christmas tree.

2] Snowman Theme for Windows 10/8/7

This theme features a hand made the theme of Snowman, which kids love to make outside their house. Get this on your Kids account, and I am sure they are going to love it lit. Download from here

Snowman Theme for Windows 8

3] Santa Theme for Christmas

Christmas Santa Windows Theme
This theme brings in 9 wallpaper of Santa, and kids are going to love them. Download from here | More Here

4] New Year Themes: Holiday Lights Theme:

Holidays in the US are almost a month, not with Thanksgiving this weekend; everybody will slowly move into the holiday mood. Now, if you love changing themes in Windows 7 often, Grab this Official Holiday Theme from Microsoft. This theme has 17 High-resolution images which you can extract ( Read How ).

The wallpapers feature lights, snow-covered Christmas tree, stars made of glass and ice, lanterns, coconut trees with lights wrapped around, and many more. Every wallpaper has viewed as a focus.

Christmas New Year Themes Windows 10/8/7Download

5] Fireworks Theme :

The new year is going to be full of fireworks around the world. So catch the best that happened last year and get it on your desktop. The most amazing set of wallpapers from the US, China, Sydney, India, and other places. Download from here

Christmas New Year Themes Windows 10/8/7

We hope you liked our collection of Christmas, New Year Themes and Wallpapers for Windows 10/8/7.


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