Chrome Web Apps : Set your default options

When you install Chrome Web Apps the first thing you should go and check the options which come along with it. Just open a new Tab and you will see all the apps listed under a new section Apps. Now right-click on any of the apps and you will see a couple of options listed there.

Chrome Apps OptionsFirst Section deals how you want to open the Web App be default :

  • Open as regular Tab
  • Open as Pinned Tab
  • Open as Window
  • Open Full Screen

Second Section deals with :

  • Options  or Settings provided by the application itself.
  • Uninstall option if you want to remove the Chrome Web App.
  • And Third is creating a shortcut. This will help you to create a Chrome Desktop App, Add Start Menu  and Pin to Task Bar.

These are important if you want to experience the app in the way you do the Chrome Browser. For example I would love to run ChromeDeck in full screen mode always but open New York times as pinned tab.


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