Chrome’s Pin Tab feature

Looks like We got at least one close match of a  feature of  Windows 7 Pin to taskbar. Chrome  tabs have got a Pin Tab feature which not only lets you make the tab stick but also lets you reduce the size of the tab to the favicon.

This is how it works exactly :

  • Right Click and select Pin Tab.
  • In order to remove it from the pinned state, just right click and click on Pin tab
  • Move it after the first unpinned tab and it gets a bigger tab i.e. Unpinned.
  • When you move the same one back into the group of already pinned tab, it automatically becomes pinned.
  • Open a new tab and just drag it in between the pinned tab, it becomes a pinned tab also.

So once you have a pinned tab rest of them can be pinned very easily by just pushing them into each other. Also this feature is only available in development build. Via Lifehacker


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