Cleanest way to Export Google Contacts to Excel

Gmail / Google Contacts come with an inbuilt option to export contacts and groups but the problem is that it adds a lot of fields or labels like Address 1, Address 2,  Organization 1 and so on for all of them. Now if you only need an email address or at the max phone number of such contacts rest of the things are going to waste your time cleaning them up. Here is how to Export Google Contacts to Excel

Cleanest way to Export Google Contacts to Excel

Update: This trick does not work any more, please follow this new method.

So how do you export only Email address or Phone number from Google Contacts?

  • Go to Google Contacts, Not from Gmail but from this url:
  • If you want only selected contacts to be exported, make a group first. This is worth even in long-term.
  • Select Print
  • Select the group you want to print
  • Under “What Information you like to see”
  • Select Email Address and if you need a select phone number.
  • Click on Print
  • This opens a new window where you will see the contact list in print format and nicely arranged in a clean format.
  • Press Control + A and then Copy
  • Open Excel and Paste it
  • Now you will see you have every contact arranged under labels and its clean.
  • Save this file.

Now if you use this list in sending mail merge, you will be able to use labels as values when entering data. Very useful.  Below is a comparison between default export and one using the Print trick.


  1. Very useful information. I have found exporting contacts from Gmail to be somewhat of a hassle. This definitely helps!

  2. This is not working anymore. The print option does not allow us to print only some fields anymore 🙁


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