Clipboard Live : Allows Smart Pasting in Windows Live Writer

Pasting anything from Web into Rich editors is a bit of challenge because along with what you have copied formatting also jumps in which you might not like all the time. For example if you had like text only, you need to first paste into notepad and then paste it back to editor ( Though PureText is a good alternative only for text pasting ).

If you are using Windows Live Writer, Clipboard Live is an excellent pasting tool for you. This plugin helps you

  • Paste Images as local files or pointed to their original http:// address.
  • Paste HTML Fragments leaving the formatting and they will include images.
  • Paste a word document with the formatting or just adjust the settings page and paste it with no formatting at all
  • Any Image that can be copied to the clipboard.
Clipboard Live Options
Clipboard Live Options
Clipboard Live  Plugin
Clipboard Live Plugin

Download Clipboard Live

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