CNN launches the Free Android app, joins the bandwagon

Going through different news sources, like newspapers, etc. is one of those things which have been highly revolutionized by the mobile technology. More and more people are everyday adopting this habit of getting updated about the happenings around them (and on a global level as well) on some mobile device, let it be a smartphone, a tablet or an eBook reader. Moreover, adopting a mobile device as the platform for news is definitely a brilliant idea.

We have seen several popular newspapers launching their applications for different types of Mobile devices, so that the news reading on mobile devices becomes a simpler job, and seems like the idea of reading the news on mobile is picking up well. Well, if you are not much into reading the news, and prefer watching the videos to get your daily bite on news, here comes an Android app from one of the World’s best news channel, CNN. Now you can watch the news videos on your Android smartphone.

The app in general is much like any other news source app for Android, you get an option to browse the news (stories) on the basis of category, which first has the ‘Top Stories’ section, later the categories based upon region like ‘U.S.’, ‘Africa’, ‘Asia’, ‘Europe’, ‘Latin America’, and ‘Middle East’, and after this you get to see the categories like ‘Business’, ‘Sport’, ‘Tech’, ‘Entertainment’, and ‘Travel’ .

You can browse through all these categories, by swiping the tabs on the top, or also you can tap the one you want to have a look at. As soon as you tap on a news, it doesn’t start the video immediately, you get to read few lines, which is like the summary to the story, and later if you wish, you can continue with the video watching. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Here are some of the snapshots of the CNN app for Android devices, have a look –

Access CNN on your Android device for free

And exactly like any other news app, this too has the sharing feature, you can share via Facebook, Twitter, etc. also, you the save for later option is there, which pops up on tapping the curved arrow button shown within the red rectangle in the snapshot below.

Free CNN app for Android devices

Use the menu to get the options like, US, and International, which allows you a quick access to the CNN radio, headlines, submit your own story to the world with iReport, profile etc. and finally the user settings which allow you to select the text size, temperature units, and login to Twitter and Facebook options.

So, if you don’t like to read, and want the news in form of videos, this is an app for you, go ahead and grab it now.

Download and Install the CNN app for Android devices from the Android Market now.

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