Combine multiple files into one : CLT

Many a time there is a need generated for a user to combine multiple files into one. You can call it merging also. CombineFiles is a command line tool ( CLT)  which can be used to combine files at binary or text level.

Here is the list of things you can do with this tool.

CombineFiles [/Target:…] [/Skip:…] [/Append] [/Silent] [Source files…]
/?        – Displays this help message.
/Target:  – Defines the target file that will written to.
/Skip:    – Defines the top number of lines to skip within each source file
/Append   – Tells the application to append to the target file.
/Silent   – Tells the application not to print verbose information.

CombineFiles /Target:FY08.txt /Append FY06.txt FY07.txt

However it is necessary to understand that combining files which have complex format might not result in an expected way like if you try combining multiple word document it might not look very nice in some cases but if you try with text files it works like charm without any issues. Download Combine Files


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