Command line tool to join & split MP3 songs

mp3wrap album.mp3 01.mp3 02.mp3 03.mp3 04.mp3.

Yes this is all you need to join any number of MP3 songs on your computer to create an album. This program, Mp3Wrap can join two or more mp3 files in one big large playable mp3. And if you are prety much concerned about ID3 information, sit back because you dont loos any of them.
without losing file name and ID3 information.

Mp3 joiner and splitter

Apart from joining this nifty utility also lets you split the already joined MP3 files into individual files. However you should have the name as OUTPUTFILE_MP3WRAP.mp3 i.e. It should have MP3WRAP in the name which acts as pointer to the software to recognize that the file can be broken into individual mp3 files.

Since you just need the MP3WRAP string in the file name just before joining, so if you know which files has been joined, you can just rename to add this string and then use the mp3 splitter.

MP3 Wrap is also availble for Linux, MAC, Ubuntu and that with a GUI.It is  GTK based.

Mp3 splt gtk linux

You can download MP3Wrap @ Sourceforget

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