Control cpu usage in Windows : Process Tamer

Many a times it happens that your system just stop responding and then gets back to normal in few minutes, though many of use who are impatient just kill program and start doing it again. Though you do get back to work doing that but if  there is an important process going on you might just lose data.

Process Tamer is an exclusive program which keeps on eye on your programs cpu usage and any time it tries to go beyond a level it lowers it by reducing  the priority of that process temporarily.

Process tamer rules
Process tamer rules
Process tamer configuration
Process tamer configuration

You can define explicit rules on how a process should be controlled and set the level in the configuration section. The only thing you should not do is to kill it in my opinion. Download Process Tamer

Some Know hows :

What is Process Priority ?

Any program running in Windows is given a priority on same lines like we have priorities in life. What should be done first, what should be done in case of emergency etc.

How many levels of Priorities are there ?

Six. Realtime, High, Above Normal, Normal, below Normal and Low.

Can you change priority without this software ?

Yes you can but you will have to do it manually. Launch Task Manager by right clicking on your task bar. Go to Process tab and right click-on any process. Look for Set Priority.


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