Control / Reduce Firefox Memory Consumption with Firemin

If you are one of those users who have switched to some other browser from Firefox because it consumes a lot of memory, in fact, even so much that results in browser crash, here is software that will help you switch back. Firemin is a simple windows application which can control on how much memory Firefox consumes, resulting in smoother experience.

How does it work ?

This application makes use of a Windows API which can ask any process to set of some memory free. This safe API is named as EmptyWorkingSet (For Desktop Apps only), which Removes as many memory pages as possible from the working set of the specified process. This process is supported for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2.

So any memory leaks, unused memory will be taken back and given to the OS, so you can run other apps smoothly.

Configuring the App :

There are two parts of it : (Both are in options. Right click on the system tray icon )

  • First is to set memory limit of Firefox using the drag bar. You can set from 0 upto 1GB. I would recommend you to set at 250 Mb, if you have around 2Gb of memory on your computer.
  • Second is the “Optimize Firefox” option. This will optimize the Firefox Database which in turn will improve the performance.

Firemin Optimize Firefox


However, one thing you should know is that it might increase your processing power or CPU usage. This is kind of trade-off, but if you have a powerful CPU, this is worth that deal.


You can also configure the application to launch Firefox as soon it starts. This will make sure that Firefox launches with limitations set and if there is any optimization required. It also gives you option to launch Firefox in Safe Mode, which is useful, if you want to do some debugging or troubleshooting kind of stuff.

Download Firemin | Via Madhur


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