Convert Files by just drag and drop : File Blender

If you are looking for a killer conversion software which ease of use, File Blender beats out most of the converting tools by supporting major audio, video and image formats all in one place. It uses libraries used by popular software like Irfan View. Though it acts as a GUI to many tools which are either heavy or only available on command line but for end user nothing beats this. This should be included in the light weight application list.

Below is the list of supported formats :

  • Most of the video formats like AVI FLV MPG MPEG VOB WMV MP4
  • Most of the image formats like BMP GIF ICO JPG JPEG PNG PSD PSP TGA TIF TIFF WMF
  • Most of the audio formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGC
  • Supports PDF joining and splitting
  • And includes tools to compress CSS and JS.

I tried converting around 1000 images and it was done pretty quick, faster than comapred to Image Converting Tools which we have tried here. It Supports mass file conversion and has easy to use Wizard Like step by step converting options. If you find the total download size which is 8MB to be more you can download the core file and then download respective libraries for audio or video conversion to use accordingly.

Download File Blender


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