Convert Images and PDF files to searchable text (25 Private Beta Downloads)

We talked about OCR Terminal a couple of months ago. OCR Terminal is an online tool which allows you to convert images (scanned or snapshots of any readable text) to searchable text, using the OCR Technology.

You can convert the images and later you can download the same in .txt, .doc, .rtf and .pdf formats.

OCR Terminal recently announced the launch of the Desktop Client. It is in private beta as of now, thanks to Khasali from OCR Terminal, to get me in for the private beta. I have been playing around with the OCR Terminal’s Desktop Client for a couple of days now.

Desktop Client Works fine, results are quite appreciable, some bugs are there on which the OCR Terminal Team is working, hope they too get resolved soon.

Features of Desktop Client –

  • Standalone application.
  • Simple and Easy to use interface.
  • Simply Drag and Drop images or PDF to do OCR, once the image is added for OCR you will be asked to login with your username and password, the one you use created for the web interface.
  • OCR Terminal allows 20 Free conversion to every user/month, pages are topped up every month, you can download as many formats you want for a particular conversion.

OCR Terminal has promised to give 25 Private Beta downloads of Desktop Client for the Readers, if you are interested in giving it a try,this is what you should do

  • Sign-up at OCR Terminal
  • And Lave a comment here with your username or e-mail address (which you used to create an account at OCR Terminal),
  • Give us some time and first 25 comments will get the download link.

OCR Terminal named Windows XP and Vista as the supported OS for Desktop Client, I tried it on Windows 7, and works fine on it too.

Visit OCR Terminal

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