Convert PowerPoint to Silverlight Application

I was able to pickup this tool from our discussion group which seems to be a good option when you want to convert any PowerPoint to Silverlight application i.e. WPF applications run in browser.

Though according to experts it is not 100% full proof because of lack of animation support but it should work for most of the cases i.e. Static Slides. Here is the list of features :

  • PPT Convertor with WPF interface
  • Presentation Gallery Control (fish-eye) to Show and Launch Converted PPT’s
  • Custom Web Server for Hosting Converted PPT’s (No Dependency on IIS)
  • Reusable PPT Viewer Component Showing Slides in familiar PowerPoint Look and Feel
  • Slide Navigation Controls (backward-forward

Read more on it here

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  1. I´ll checked the conaito Powerlight SDK. Its very great! They offer a SDK which provide a easy to develop Powerpoint to Silverlight converting solution for websites or own desktop application! Powerlight SDK:

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