Convert Scanned pages from books, magazines etc. into Text formats

Trying to convert a scanned page of a book, magazine etc. to any of the digital document format like .txt, .doc, .pdf, .rtf is something we often come across or another situation of almost same kind if when you try to convert a pdf file (ebook etc.) to .txt, .rtf, .doc.

No doubt there are several tools for doing these things. The biggest benefit of such conversions is the searchable text, no doubt reading a scanned page is not an issue, but conversion makes them searchable and editable as well.

Imagine a newspaper cutting, which you want to post as reference to some of your article on blog, now if you simply paste the scanned newspaper cutting, the matter it contains as text will not help in making the search engine ranking for your article, however, if you manage to post the text in the newspaper cutting too along with the scanned image, it will

Here we are going to talk about an online tool which one stop solution to both the situations, i.e. this online tool can –

  • Convert scanned pages to .txt, .doc, .pdf, .rtf.
  • Convert pdf to .txt, .rtf, .doc.

This online tool, known as OCR Terminal, can efficiently do the above conversions in one go, i.e. if you upload scanned pages (even snapshots of any text), all the 4 options i.e. .txt, .doc, .pdf, .rtf will be rendered to you for downloading in one go, and uploading a pdf file will render the .txt, .rtf, .doc.

OCR Terminal is the name given on the basis of Optical Character Recognition (OCR Technology).

Now let us have a look at its working, the animations below shows it well. You need to create an account with them, verify your email address, and you are ready to start, upload a scanned image or a snapshot, and download any or all of the formats for the same.


OCR terminal

After this the files I downloaded as test.txt and test.doc which were the result of conversion from test.jpg, all these can be seen as below in form of animation.


Results from OCR Terminal

So, as seen from the above animation the results of this conversion done with OCR Terminal are quite appropriate.

Another very interesting use of OCR Terminal can be getting the text out of photos of whiteboard, which I realized after reading Amit’s post.

So go ahead and try this awesome online tool, and make conversions, OCR Terminal offers you 30 pages of conversion every day. Everything on the site works fine enough, however conversion speed is an issue at times, which they claim, happens due to high traffic, hope they resolve this soon.

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