Convert Webpage to PDF, View PDF as HTML with PDF Download

Last night, while searching for some converters, I came across this awesome Firefox add-on, which has given me like another reason to keep Firefox as my default Browser.

PDF Download is a Firefox add-on, which efficiently handles all your PDF related needs encountered while browsing.

Once installed you can access the settings for it from the ‘Tools’ tab of your Firefox, and the add-on can be used from the top right corner of your Firefox.


Access PDF download options

As the image above describes, while on any webpage you can

  • Either save the webpage as PDF i.e. convert and download any page in a single click.


  • You can get the webpage as PDF as an attachment in your inbox.

PDF Download, also lets you choose the default action when you click on any Online PDF, and this default action can be accessed and changed under the first tab i.e. ‘General’, here you can choose any one of the four available options –

  • Show Pop-up dialogue.
  • Download it (i.e. start downloading immediately)
  • Open PDF
  • View as HTML

Default actions for PDF download

Other tabs are simple to understand, you can have a look at the available option in the animation shown below.


Options explained for PDF download

Let us wrap up this post with an overview of what all does PDF Download offers you –

  • Covert a webpage in PDF, download it immediately, or get it as an attachment in email
  • Decide what to do when a link for online PDF is clicked, download it, view as HTML, or Open the PDF in browser.
  • Choose the layout of PDF file generated after converting a webpage to PDF.
  • Choose the PDF Reader for online PDF files, i.e. either use default PDF reader, or any other.

So if you deal with several PDF files and want to make your PDF reading, downloading or you love to save web pages as PDF files for future references, just give PDF Download a try, I am sure you going are going to love it.

Do share with us, if you liked using PDF Download. Install PDF Download