Convert you photos to Sketches and Paintings: FotoSketcher

FotoSketcher is a small application, which allows you to convert your photos to Pencil sketch, Pen and Ink Sketches, and Paintings, and you can create 3 types of pencil sketches, and 6 types of paintings using it.

Foto Sketcher is less than 3MBs to download and is a standalone application. Once downloaded and launched, simply open a photo using the open button on top-left corner. As soon as the photo loads you come across the setting window.

Here, using the drop down menu you can choose the kind of photo or sketch you want to create as shown below.

You can also choose the other attributes for new image, like adding text, frame, and some other things like deciding the edge intensity, darken or lighten the output image etc.

If you want to batch process the images, right click in the window where the image loads to get the option.

Foto Sketchers is damn simple to use, try it if you like those photos with artistic touch in them, Works fine on Windows 7 too. And this goes to our Photo Fun bag , dont forget to explore it 🙂

Download Foto Sketcher


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