Convert your files to any format ( Almost )

Zamzar is a file conversion service which  allows you to convert from almost any format to any other valid format  and works fast, and basic version is free to use which should almost server your basic needs. All you need is a file and email address where the converted files are sent to Inbox.

As shown below it’s a simple 4 step process, which consists of

  • Choose file – simply locate the file, either the URL, or from any other storage device.
  • Choose the format – specify which format you want as output.
  • Give your e-mail address – the link for the file download is sent on this e-mail address.
  • Finally – hit the convert button.

Apart from this, videos from YouTube like sites can also be downloaded in any format (here the list of available formats is big enough like 3gp, 3g2, avi, flv, gvi iphone, ipod, m4v etc.). Steps required here are same as above, i.e. provide URL, choose file format, give the e-mail address, and convert.

As soon as conversion is done the link to download the new file will be delivered in your inbox, this link is valid for one day, starting from the time when it was delivered to your inbox.

Three paid tiers Basic, Pro, and Business, are available for Zamzar.

Features of paid versions

  • Maximum file size (which can be converted) is 200 MB for Basic, 400MB for Pro, 1GB for Business
  • Allowed Concurrent conversions at a time is 7 for Basic, 10 for Pro, 15 for Business.
  • Allowed Online storage limit is 5GB for Basic, 20GB for Pro, 100GB for Business.
  • Get an inbox to manage your files, also you can mail the files from here itself.
  • Business plan comes with Secure conversion (128 bit SSL).

The free version can be seen as an Online tool for file conversion, with maximum file size of 100MB and 5 concurrent conversions.

My Experience with Zamzar

  • Free version also works well.
  • Time taken for conversion is not much.
  • Simple enough.
  • List of available conversions is vast, see here, and all the conversions are allowed in the free version as well.

So this sounds more like a perfect replacement of so many softwares, I am highly impressed with Zamzar, I was always searching for such kind of one – stop solution. What about you, what do you have to say about this? Have your say.


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