Convert your Photos to Paintings: Psykopaint

Psykopaint is an online tool, which allows you to add paint effect, i.e. you can convert your digital photos to make them look as a painting.

No Sign-up is required, simply open Psykopaint, upload a photo, and later you can start converting it to a painting by picking up a brush of your choice from left panel.

There several types of brushes and painting patterns available here, choose the one for you and start paining on your photo.

Option to undo the paint can be accessed using the left arrow button on the top of brush select panel; so that you can easily play around and choose the kind of brush you need for.

Once done with this you can download your photo (painting) in PNG format.

Here is the one I created for myself.

So go ahead and give it a try, and let the artist in you get exposed to the world 🙂

Try Psykopaint

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