Coolpad Dazen 1 Camera Review

A good camera on a phone is a heavy weight factor for any person looking to buy a new phone, specially when market has a lot to offer. When I got Dazen 1 for review, I was excited not only to find out how the phone performs, but also to figure out if the camera was any good.  Priced at Rs 6,999, the phone houses a 8 MP, f 2.2 camera in the rear, and a 5 MP Fixed Focus camera in front.

Video Review:

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How does the camera performs ?

After testing it out in various conditions i.e. day light to low light to macros, It turns out to be a little below than average performer. In my case, the day light pictures were decent, and color reproductions where fine when you have an ample amount of light, but if the light is not distributed, the camera software algorithm fails to deliver quality.

The camera had a lot of miss when it comes to sharpness in the final pictures. The camera does support HDR, Night, Beautification and other modes, but they don’t really help big time.

Not only these, but the camera has problem taking macros i.e. you cannot take close up pics of anything, specially your Food for Instagram pics, but they won’t focus at all.  Even though the camera app comes with pro mode, there is no way to manually adjust the focus which is much-needed.

When it comes to Software Advanced features, you have access to use Auto Scene detection mode, location, 2 dimensional code scanner and so on.

It needs a fix. IMO, the software needs improvement big time to fix most of the stuff. I really doubt that the macro problem can be sorted though.

Camera Samples:


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