Copy Filenames makes file replacing productive

Lets say you have two files. One is A and other B. Now if you want to Delete B and want to change the file name of A to what File name of B what do you do ? First Copy the name of File B ( F2) and then delete B, then again F2 on A and paste. That is like 9 steps and Copy File Name app drops it to 4!!.

Copy Filenames is a free application which integrates with your right click menu when you select a file or folder. Then it makes renaming of folder name like you copying and pasting the name into another. Below is small demo

Apart from the you can also copy a file name and delete it at that instantly delete it.

Copy File Name

CopyFilenames features

  • Copies one or many file or folder names along with file size, date/time, path to file
  • Option to quote filenames with single or double quotes
  • Option to separate multiple filenames with newline, space, tab or comma
  • Command to rename a file with text from clipboard (Paste Filename)
  • Command to copy filename and delete file in a single operation

Download CopyFilenames


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