Copy Handler makes file copy process in windows Useful and Smart

Copying and moving files is one of the things that has not changed the way it is since it was when it first came with a GUI except the progress bar in Windows 7 and Vista got shiny. This gave an option to applications to do it better and we have talked about many such applications like RoboCopy, which is the best copy utility we have seen here except today where another tool, Copy Handler makes life very easy for Windows user.

If there is anything that beats the rest of application is that Copy Handler runs on top of Windows Copy program which means anytime you do a copy paste even using Control + C  and Control + V it will take over it and let’s get to find why taking control is such a cool option 🙂

Features :

  • Maintains a list of all the copy / move process taking place in Windows.
  • This means you can run multiple copy operations and see it listed in the application dashboard.
  • More control over each copy process which means you can pause, resume, cancel and stop any current process at your will.
  • Copied accidentally to wrong place ? You can change the path of the destination folder and your already copied file will be moved too. Perfect.
  • Batch control over all the existing copy process.
  • Complete log for each one.
  • Want to repeat the same thing again ? Or Your accidentally copied it ? One click  to Restart.
  • You can also configure the buffer size depending on type of source.
  • Integrates with the context menu.

Download Copy Handler


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