Copying data from scratched DVD or CD

I remember in college times how we used to almost fight a war while trying to copy our favorite movie from a CD which had got some nice scratches.

When a DVD or CD player tries to copy data from the media and it fails for some reason it tries it again for couple of times. During this process of reading from a scratched surface on CD it gets hanged. The only solution was either to pull your CD rom off or Just restart the machine.

Keeping this in mind  Madhur Pointed to an Unstoppable Copier , a utility which allows you to copy data from Cd or DVD even if it is scratched. This doesn’t mean it can get data from the scratched part, thats impossible, but it can skip those areas and let you copy the rest of the data. Generally windows just stops copying in case the DVD or CD is not in good shape.

Copy data from scratched cd or dvd
Copy data from scratched cd or dvd

This program is availble for Linux and All versions of Windows including Windows 7.

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  1. A smart thing to try before spending endless hours of trying to copy that scratched cd, DVD, blueray and whatever…

    1. Buy a bodyshop polish with rubbing (for car or boat)
    2. Get hold of a WOOL pad for machine polish
    3. Then rub and polish the disk just as you would do your car to get rid of those pesky surface scratches.

    Then when your done rubbing that disk, place it in your player and I promise you the copying and reading from that disk will go a whole lot smoother.

    The reason this works is that the disks have a protective plastic layer and it is usually that which is scratched.

    There are a number of good polishes out there, but I prefer the one from Innotec called Easy Polish New Formula which does not contain any chalk. But if that is not available where you live any “polish with Rubbing” will do as long as you use the wool pad.


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